The Cobbler & The Elves (Christmas)

Based on the story by the same name by The Brother Grimm, this fabric depicts the story of the poor cobbler and his wife. As Christmas approached they found themselves more and more discouraged by the lack of business and income their family had.  One night, after baring his soul to God the cobbler went to bed utterly deflated.  Upon waking up in the morning he noticed a finished pair of books sitting on his work table.  The boots were beautiful, made from supple leather, perfect accessories and the laces spun from the very best wool.  To his amazement, he was able to sell the boots quickly and his faith was bolstered.  Unfortunately, during the day as he worked hard to recreate the boots he was once again discouraged. His fingers were no longer nimble and his mind works slower and he simply can't remake the shoes that were on his work table.  

That night, 2 pairs of eyes were watching as Cobbler headed to bed, deflated and discouraged.  "He is such a good man.  He has helped children in need, he gives everything he can to those that need it more than him, and will even give shoes away that he makes if he sees someone cold and shoe-less.  We must do something to help." As Cobbler and his wife drifted into sleep, a tiny elf and elf wife got to work.  Sew, sew, sew, shape, shape, shape, spin, spin, spin is all you could hear.  Neither spoke as they worked diligently.  As morning approached 2 new pairs of boots were set on the work table and the elf couple retired pleased at their quick and beautiful work.  

That morning as Cobbler approached his bench, he saw not 1 pair, but 2 pairs of boots.  His faith restored he headed back to town to sell his boots and make some money for bread and milk and a little gift for his wife.  

On and on this went until the day before Christmas.  By then Cobbler and his wife had stayed up and realized that the sweet little elf couple had been responsible for their good fortune as every day they had an additional pair of boots the ones made the day before.  On the night before Christmas, Cobbler and his wife decided to stay up and meet up with the elves and present them with very special gifts.  

And so the story goes that on Christmas day, Cobbler, his wife, Elf and his wife shared some hot cocoa, shared some handmade gifts and most of all shared a new and valuable friendship.